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Self-produced by NEMORA


released November 11, 2011



all rights reserved


NEMORA New Jersey

A dynamic multitude of tones compiled into a mammoth wall of sound, Nemora is an explosive five-piece band based out of New Jersey. A variety of genres and a wide range of atmospheres will leave you ever curious as to where the next drastic turn will land you. With a spectrum expansive enough to cater needs from coffee houses to bars, Nemora is truly a cornucopia of music. ... more

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Track Name: Woke
I do foresee a war
This is no haggle, this is a grudge
Until you fall to the ground
From the strike we sound
I'll strive for a brighter future

Enlighten Me

Use your fucking mind
It's limitless, endless by time
And I, this dying breed
Let the sound carry you across the void

Imagine yourself broken from the chain
As one single link, with it's own brain
Don't follow down the tracks of a broken train
I am sick of the mundane, are you?

Let me put this simply
Your world is crashing around you
And unless we recreate some stability
You will experience the end of you

No, I will not be sickened
Through this plague, a rhythmical corruption
Track Name: Shemhamforash
Lemme explain to you what I'm about
I am the reason you stress yourself out
I have many faces and I speak all languages
I am the cause for poverty and I spoil the rich
I bring starvation and support obesity

Take me as reward
Take me as punishment

I've been here all along
And you're too used to me

You are my slave, you need me
Your addiction is nothing without me
But you hold the power to end my seemingly endless reign

Forget about me
Stop worrying about me
This is warning

Look at my face I am numbered and named
I am privately owned and war is my game

You will kill for my presence
I drive you insane
You are pathetic
Hang your head in shame

This is an era where we have to stand up
And give them a true fight
One we can be proud of
One we cannot lose

The importance of this message is your life
You need to know what you need
You need to understand what the fuck is up


Fight back, you owe it to yourself
In this moment
This very second
You are nothing short of a toy for a sadistic child
You owe it to yourself

Forget about me
Stop worrying about me
Track Name: Mental Waves of Insanity