Equinox of the Gods


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Self-produced by NEMORA


released April 13, 2012



all rights reserved


NEMORA New Jersey

A dynamic multitude of tones compiled into a mammoth wall of sound, Nemora is an explosive five-piece band based out of New Jersey. A variety of genres and a wide range of atmospheres will leave you ever curious as to where the next drastic turn will land you. With a spectrum expansive enough to cater needs from coffee houses to bars, Nemora is truly a cornucopia of music. ... more

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Track Name: Sati
The sky keeps darkening.
The clouds keep rollin' in.
And I'm not even sure if we've reached the beginning yet,
I have yet to clearly reveal my directive.
So many bullets poking at a cracked dam.
But over the time which does not exist,
the wall will continue to fall, and I'll shine on.
I'm human, like you.
Loved is, a thing or two.
My view maintained, move forth.
Ashamed, of so many of you.
Gone is the necessary, in with distractions.
Darker again.
Your morals reflect your setting.
You're half of what is wrong,
and half of what is gone.
Darker again.
If you would take my metaphorical hand.
Please come with peace,
and march along,
to a beautiful beat.
This is more than just a story.
This is more than just a novel.
This is more than just a proposition.
This is more than your life.
Take my loose change,
I need it no longer.
I have yet to clearly reveal my directive.
Track Name: Equinox of the Gods
Every number, every man is infinite.
Let my servants be few and secret, these are fools that men adore.
But ye are not so chosen, thou hast no right but to do thy will.
I am alone, there is no god where I am
I am unique and conqueror
I am the master, thou art the holy chosen one.
I am above you and in you.
If power asks why, then power is weakness.
Enough of because, be he damned for a dog.
This is the creation of the world, the word of sin is restriction.
I am the magician and the exorcist.
I am the wheel in the center of the axel.
I will give you a war engine, I am in the secret four fold word.
Let mary inviolate be torn upon wheels, for thou was the knower,
Let the ritual be performed, through the final sparks of the most intimate fire.
With my hawks head, with my claws, I tear, as the sun of midnight is ever.
Ra Hoor Kuit hath taken his seat in the equinox of the Gods
Divide add multiply and understand.
Track Name: Vade Mecum
What if this wasn't really me?
Hold this deep in pocket.
I've written some guidelines.
Don't ask.
Perceive, and receive.
What if I was more or less?
What if I was dressed in folly,
And yet may be the ultimate rule?
Late last night I played a God.
Not yours, but mine.
Not for you, but for me.
In this play I found a shrine.
Not for two, but for three.
Must I explain to thee?
A meeting place for love and for hate,
And the balance in between.
Poison and proceed to enlighten thee.
My vision has improved.
A new sun has risen,
and the sky is clear as can be.
Today is the day you die.
Have you seen Hell?
It is filled with love.
Without below there is no above.
Have you seen Hell?
It is filled with hate.
Risen for you, the disgrace.
My hearing has been amplified.
I've heard the waves growing at a distance,
and I'm ready to drown.
Vicariously through one;
we occupy the forest, we burn it down.
Late last night I played a God.
Not mine, but yours.
Not for me, but for you.
In this play I found a flaw.
You lack three, you lack two.
Must I explain to you?
Flames solely uproot.
Judge no one thus far.
Your mirror is not clean.
Buckle down,
I have some labor.
Back onto your hands and knees,
understand the balance in between.
Vicariously through one;
we occupy the forest, we burn it down.
The ball is rolling,
take it or leave it.
Track Name: Pu Nemora
Om Mani Padme Hum
Track Name: Blend
Figment of the mind,
Gather inside of me
Vibrant, shaking,
Waking, calling,
Hubris, proud flesh,
Violence, darkness,
Inside of me
I've come to enter,
Reach to the ultimate.
Slightly voided, I rearrange
as I see fit
I'm all you
I'm in you
Inside of me
Desires, bottomless,
where I feed on your anima
Crush your ego
Black trance again
The word of the law is
Track Name: Dandy
Today and the next
May not be the best
In fact it may be the worst
of this never ending compilation of dirt
How am I you ask?
I'm just fucking Dandy!
A job is simply a way to get by
Another few dollars to feed your high
A clockwork beating on your health at times
In a system where the idiot thrives
Jump off time and take a deep end dive
A man can get by without a dime
Unless you reside where minimalism is a crime
Step into the 4th dimension, open your mind
I'm just fucking Dandy.